The United Nations Conference on sustainable development, as known as Rio +20, is the fifth Earth Summit. This event shows our communities ability to handle our development in a sustainable way, to subsist to our needs without harming the next generations resources. Convinced that a change is necessary and possible, 10h11 made an inventory of France and Europe of the 27 before the Summit that must change everything. Our data-visualization is built around the three aspects of sustainable development which are economic development, social development, and environmental protection.
This indicator estimates the global impact of taken measures to reduce our ecological footprint. Emissions of greenhouse gases being one of the main reasons of global warming, they reflect the content of efforts that have been supported in this field.
Cet indicateur évalue l’impact global des mesures prises pour réduire notre empreinte écologique. L’émission de gaz à effets de serre étant l’une des grandes causes du réchauffement climatique, elles reflètent la teneur des efforts qui ont pu être soutenus dans ce domaine.